Twilight and Fantasy

I wouldn’t allow any child at all to get anywhere near that kind of stuff because what it does…they’ve got enough evil in the real world and what it does is create a horrifying unreal world, a fantasy world where you can get away with even worst things. – John MacArthur

Tonight, a ragingly popular movie is coming out. It is the next part in the series that has captivated the minds and hearts of not just teenagers, but people from all ages and all religions. As Christians, we have to remember that the things that we allow into our lives influence us. Regarding the Twilight series, the main question you have to ask yourself is “If Jesus were sitting next to you would you still watch the movie?” We are called to a higher standard than the world with no compromises. When you say something like “Are we supposed to live in a cave?” you are falling into the trap of the devil and the world by feeling pressure to embrace what the world calls a social norm.
In the real world, certain behaviors are acceptable and unacceptable. In the real world, there’s a level of outrage. But in the world of vampires and werewolves, from what I understand, you can fly through the air and bite off somebody’s head and spit it out, or you can morph yourself into some kind of a horrible ghastly creature that can wreak havoc and massacre cities and people. That is evil the way Satan would want it to be in an unrestrained world. But he can’t pull it off in this world because he is restrained. But in the fantasy world, Satan is unrestrained. And I think that’s all that is, that is a fantasy world in which Satan runs unrestrained. And this comes down to video games, this comes down to books, this comes down to movies, anything that takes people into a fantasy world takes them to a place of danger because there are no boundaries there are no limits for behavior in the fantasy world. And that is why we have the kind of behavior in the real world that goes beyond these bounds to a degree that we’ve never had in human…in our lifetime in the past because people finally obliterate the line between the fantasy world and the real world and they turn in to monsters that do horrendous things that even appalls the criminal element in society. Just some thoughts.

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