Ladies & Gentlemen, Please Let Down Your Guard

Ben Ditzel

It is shocking to see the rate at which media agencies such as NPR, MSNBC, CNN, The Huffington Post, and other progressive outlet’s ‘news’ tabloids are saturating themselves into the populous to turn them against common sense morals and tried and true policies. It is frustrating for the clear headed individual to think of all the people who are growing up as submissive subjects with one mind: the perfect tool for an oppressive and corrupt government.

Granted, conservative media occasionally has an angle as well, but unlike the conservative’s argumentative bias, the liberal media employs a tactic that makes those who disagree with their agenda as universally despised and antiquated delinquents who need to be silenced at all costs and their livelihood and personal reputation utterly destroyed. This derisive mindset is accepted and embraced because the media subtly advocates and enforces its normalcy on its blinded citizens through news, literature, events, programmes, and even music, movies, and TV shows! Getting force fed through the ‘tube’ is one of the most aggressive, yet subtle ways that today’s entertainment addicted consumers are being ‘educated’.

One of the most popular methods is to subtly inform their ignorantly willing subjects that people who speak in the way this blog is written are weird and close-minded haters. Once the citizens can laugh at and join with what the industry wants to make out as seemingly everyone else in degrading the conservative viewpoint, the media can then open the feeding tube wider and pour even more indoctrination into willing brains in the form of everything from late night comedy to anti-Christian demonstrations against those whose faith prohibits them from embracing an inverted sense of morality and truth. This is the way the media is converting the masses.
‘One generation processed. Next, please!’


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