Brexit: No Immoral vs. Moral Sides

by Ben Ditzel
‘In terms of world-view, this is a question that does not have any easy answer and thus we must have sympathy for our friends in Great Britain who are going to the polls today. People of good will and sound conviction may differ in terms of their votes and also in their terms of understanding what that vote will mean.’
That was how Albert Mohler described the scenario in his news podcast, The Briefing, yesterday before the results of the EU Referendum came through. I will also follow this by saying that although I may have political opinions and viewpoints, they’re less than nothing compared to my premier allegiance to Jesus Christ alone which is my end-all ‘world-view’. Any reference to political unity only refers to topics which do not go against Biblical mandates and principles. (Rom. 13:21, Acts 5:29).
Let me begin by echoing Albert Mohler’s words and stating there is no good vs. evil answer. There doesn’t not seem to be a moral vs. immoral here. As many know, I have always thought one day we could live in the UK as I have a marital connection to the EU. However, despite that desire, I did a large amount of in-depth research and since I never form opinions based on political parties but rather on informed facts, I had to research very carefully the roots and history of the EU in comparison to where it stands today. And that research is exactly what led me to the belief that the European Union is a broken and potentially damaging system. Though it may provide a few perks to some, I believe it has been holding back potentially more thriving nations for the sake of a few others who seem to show no ambition to thrive to a common standard themselves. I liken it to an educational common core ideal which is also broken and a potentially destructive system. Other issues that contributed to my decision include the absence of a fair representation of Great Britain. Al Mohler describes a fair amount in his podcast.
Granted, the United Kingdom’s economy will be a rocky road now that this has passed. This decision will require a lot of follow through and hard work. But it will also require unity. Sadly, so often today, a new venture’s difficult journey is crippled by an opposition’s bitter protest and, instead of working together in the venture, they block it at every turn, causing it to fail.
As exiting Prime Minister David Cameron said, ‘The British people have made a choice. That not only needs to be respected — but those on the losing side of the argument, myself included, should help to make it work.’ That is how a nation succeeds in something of this magnitude. If an opposition group blocks the procedures enacted in the coming months and years, resulting in a failed system, the blame will fall, not on the referendum voting results, but instead on any embittered opposition group who were unable to truly support their country and instead chose to destroy it in favour of their own agenda through protests, violence, and insubordination.
To be expected, the economic markets will shudder as we have already seen, many countries will need reassurance, but above all, the British people must join together in hard work to bring this new chapter in British history about successfully.
Always: Soli Deo Gloria

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