The Ultimate Medium

Some Christians seem to be up in arms against other Christian believers who are opting not to watch Beauty and the Beast because of it’s openly homosexual sub-plot line. Very often, their argument is founded on the question ‘Why are some Christians are boycotting and condemning this movie when they supposedly watch {insert movie with other questionable content here}’ as if other popular movies are somehow the standard for Biblical Christian morality. But they aren’t the standard. Christ is. (ref. Eph. 4:13)

And so my question is, ‘Why are we, as Christians, watching any shows, movies, or media with questionable content?‘ Do they have redeeming content with which we are encouraged spiritually? Do they contain some sort of edification with which we can draw closer to Christ? Or maybe they too contain stumbling blocks, glorification of sin, embraces of anti-Biblical sentiments, and subtle corrosion to the Christian conscience. Why are we filling our minds with sensual music, sexual innuendos, graphic violence, and mind numbing hatred and ultimate glorification of all worldly pursuits? (ref. Phil. 4:8)

We can’t expect the world to act according to Christ for the same reason we can’t expect Disney to embrace the Biblical Christian’s worldview. So why do we fill our minds with the world’s religion through their ultimate mediums: entertainment & media? (ref. Romans 12:2)


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